Thursday, January 22, 2015

Final Thoughts

I am most proud of my photographer emulation project. I am really proud of this because we worked on it for so long and I was happy with how it came out. This affected my learning because it really opened up my thoughts to what other photographers are doing currently and in my case have done in the past. This greatly affected my learning because when taking photographs, I was interested in trying to emulate Aaron Siskind. It really sparked my imagination since it was something that interested me. It also affected my learning because I was trying to understand what was going through Siskind's mind. I also liked the fact that we go to choose our photographers so that we could really choose something that interests us. This was my favorite project because of these reasons and it was a fun project to create.

The first memorable experience that I had was when we were in the dark room. I thought it was really cool how we could print photographs like they used to. I also thought it was cool that we were able to print more than one photo since it is fun and really teaches you a lot about f-stop and shutter speed. The dark room really helped me understand f-stop and shutter speed and how they affect a photograph. Next, I had a lot of fun when we met with Ms. Tommaso's creative writing class. This really opened my eyes to what they do and how other people interpret our photos. It was really cool to have a different set of eyes looking and interpreting our photos. This was beneficial to my learning because I realized that even if I see something in my photos someone else can see something totally different. Lastly, our walk to Clayton's and the trip to the Cumberland Fair was very beneficial for me. I realized that we can find an interesting photo anywhere we go weather it be to a fair or just walking down the street. This really helped me because when I was taking my bi-weeklys and my emulation photos I understood how there is a photo in everything, it is just up to the photographer to make it interesting. Overall there have been many things in this course that have impacted my learning but these are the top three.

This is the link to my photographer emulation project.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Free choice, desk supplies

While sitting at my desk I thought it would be a good idea to choose this idea of school work and incorporate it into my free choice. I was looking and I saw my stapler and tape. To me this represents doing homework since I use them a lot and I think that it really helped me when imaging what is on a desk and gave me inspiration for other photos.

Here are some more free choice photos.

Fun with Photoshop

I learned many things from doing fun with photoshop. First, I got re-acquainted with all of the tools Photoshop has to offer. This was hard because of the vast number of tools there are to do the same move. Next, I learned more about layout and what works and doesn't work when using photoshop such as using black-and-white effectively in the same photo. Lastly, I also learned about using the opacity tool effectively to make the viewer focus on the subject. One success that I had while working on this project was in the ability of the photos to look seamless, more or less. It almost seems like you could see these things in the real world but not quite the same way. One difficulty I had during this project was remembering what tools to use and the different tools on Photoshop since there are so many.

The purpose of this assignment was

  • To become familiar with Adobe Photoshop workspace and basic photo manipulating and editing tools;
  • To look at and think about your own photographs in a different way.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Maggie Taylor, Surrealism

Surrealism is a somewhat recent discovery in the advancements of photography even though some people do not believe that this is photography. Surrealism is the development of an image of photoshop that can be realistic or unrealistic. It is up to the artist. Most artists sit down to their computer and play around for hours until something catches their attention and work from that; it can also tell a story. The artists say that there is not a set goal for the photograph; it just comes naturally. Based off of real life but surreal and fantasized. Surrealism is the creation of art from photos that are arranged in an interesting way to catch the artists and viewers attention.

Maggie Taylor is a surrealist photographer. She first started when her husband came home from work one day with a new software called Photoshop. She tried out the program and instantly fell in love. She creates art from real photographs/things then scans them on to her computer and makes a piece of art from it. Maggie takes photographs from in her garden among other places but not of people. The reason for this is because she doesn’t like taking photos of people. When Taylor first started making these photographs, Photoshop was not very complex. As the years go on it has become very complex and she says she tries not to get overwhelmed by the technical side to her job. Her main inspirations are her husband who is also an artist and the computer itself because she can create photos that appeal to her and keep her interested. Maggie Taylor is a surrealist photographer who is quickly making a name for herself.

Southern Gothic
Maggie Taylor

I think this photograph is really interesting. I really like how Taylor was able to make the girl’s head look like it is ripping. Also I like how the girl’s pants are leaves and vines that go away from her toward the back where there is a tree. I also like the background where the house is. It gives the photograph an almost spooky look. This photograph is really thought provoking and interesting.

Maggie Taylor

This photo is really interesting to me. I like how Taylor was able to create three different looking people in the ground without a head. I wonder how she was able to make this. Also I wonder how she is able make the photos out of other photographs that are already taken. This photo is really appealing to viewers because it makes you think. I think Taylor made a very successful photograph.

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Monday, January 12, 2015

Emulation Video, Aaron Siskind

This is my photographer emulation project on Aaron Siskind.

These are my four favorite emulation photos:

Here are some more emulation photos.

The purpose of this project was 
  • To create a series of digital photographs inspired by a well-known photographer.

  • To organize and share your work, using imovie, as a means to present your work in a creative and knowledgeable way to the class and a global audience.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Colors of Winter

While shooting for this assignment, I really thought about what represented winter to me. The first thing that came to mind was Bean Boots since we live in Maine. I had just snowed the day I took this shot. I was chasing after my dog who got out in my dad's boots. When I got back in I realized that this would be a really cool shot. I got down to the boots and in the background you can see my boots. To me this shot really represents winter in Maine and the colors that come along with it such as tan from the boots and green from the winter rug.

More colors of winter.